Introducing our New Director:

We are delighted to announce that Ursula Taylor will be joining our staff on Monday, August 20 as our new Weekday Ministry Director.  Ursula is a Level III Director with 20 years of experience and a strong background in both education and administration.  For the past 18 months she has been the  Director for Waxhaw Child Development Center where she led them through the five star rating process.  Prior to that work, she served nine years as the Director of the Bethlehem Center of Charlotte Head Start.   She has a BA from Belmont Abbey College and an associates in early childhood education as well as some study in business and management.  Ursula believes that by age four, 90% of a child’s brain has developed, meaning that much of what a child needs to succeed in life is established before he or she enters kindergarten.  She believes every child deserves excellence in early learning programs and services.  Ursula lives in Mt. Holly with her husband and three children.  Our weekday ministry committee looks forward to Ursula’s ministry among us.

Providence Baptist Weekday Summer 2018

Full Care Teachers (7am-6pm)

Full Care Young Infant Teachers– Star Ray, Nasrin Doroudian, Tanya Flowers

Full Care Older Infant Teachers– Constance Curry, Shannon Warren, Julia Lun

Full Care Young Toddler Teachers– Robertta Tolbert, Sharon Morris, Donna Wallace

Full Care Older Toddlers Teachers– Maria Nunez, Katrina Cherry, Gabby Nelson

Full Care Twos Teachers– Simone Herron, Toniya Porter, Jasmine Mason, Christina Howard

Full Care Threes Teachers– Jeanne Colvin, Peggy Deason

Full Care Young Fours Teachers– Erica Stitt, Dee McInnis, Felecia Brown

Full Care Older Fours Teachers– Simone Jennings, Judy Grier

Transitional Kindergarten Teachers– Tacola Oates, Carolyn Aldridge

Preschool Teachers (9am-1pm)

Preschool Infant Teachers– Charlene Gould & Lura Stokes

Preschool Toddler Teachers– Felecia Brown & Gabby Nelson

Preschool Twos Teachers– Maria VanHeerden & Amanda Miller

Preschool Threes Teachers– Barbara Walden & Christina Howard

Preschool Fours Teachers– Lisa Overbey & Crystal Wheeler


Joan Boggs, Natazia Hendon, Pao Lun, David Mang, Katie Stokes, Karen Oxendine

Enrichment Teachers

Garden – Pamela James

Library/Infant & Toddler Music Teacher– Virginia Whilden

Music Teacher– Debra Wallace

P.E. Teacher– Mr. Terry Oates